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Inspired by a funeral?

Have you ever attended a funeral and been inspired by the incredible life and positive impact of the person who passed?

I have been blessed to attend several funerals like this and it always makes me think about my own life and the positive impact I want to have. A few years ago I took the time to write down what I hope can be said at my funeral someday.

I describe the Christian faith I want to show in action.

I describe the kind of husband, father, and grandfather I want to be.

I describe the Christian retreat center I want to build and lead in my “retirement” years. I describe the good fruit that is resulting from all the Christian camps, marriage retreats, family camps, leadership retreats, and Christian financial boot camps it hosts in such a beautiful part of creation that you can’t help but praise God.

In the last year I added a short description of the good that I hope comes from my recent launch of If I can help just 1% of Christians make a few percent more annually on average over their lifetimes, it will result in billions more to support their families and the good Christian ministries they support.

I review this vision document from time to time and it has really helped me to quickly calibrate back to what is most important to me. I get out of balance often, and I must continually work on keeping first things first. This life vision really excites and motivates me every time I read it!

I highly encourage everyone reading this to write what you want to be able to be said at your funeral. It’s amazing how crystal clear your priorities get when you do this.

Don’t let perfection get in the way of progress. Write down your best vision based on what you know today and then add to or change it over time as needed. Its not written in stone while you are still living!

Then, go and do your best to live that life! I'm guessing we won’t regret it.


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