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One Family is Worth It

I'm excited to announce the launch of, a new website that helps Christians multiply what God has given them through investing.

I believe that every Christian should be a faithful steward of their finances. But I also know that it can be difficult for many.

We'll provide you with the investing and giving principles that you need to grow your wealth and make a difference in the world.

And we'll do it all in a way that honors God and aligns with Christian values.

I know that Faithful Wealth Builders has the potential to help many Christians. But even if it only helps one family, it will be worth it.

A few percent more on your investments over your lifetime can add up to millions.

And that money can be used to do so much good:

  • Provide more time freedom to support your family

  • Help grandchildren more with their education

  • Give more to good Christian works

So if you're looking for a way to grow your wealth and make a greater difference in the world, I encourage you to check out Faithful Wealth Builders.

I hope your family is one of the ones that we can help.


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